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  • What products do you use? I will use IMAGE Skincare products for 99% of the facial steps, though I have a couple of things I like from Glo Therapeutics that I also use. For waxing I use Lycon hard wax. For spray tanning I use JMT Sunless. 

  • How long will my appointment take? Depending on your service, you can plan on spending 15 min to 2 hours with me! Most facials are 45-60 min long. Brow waxing and spray tanning takes 15-20 min​. Send me a message or give me a call for exact timing for a service you are interested in.

  • Will I break out after my facial? The truth is, maybe. Every skin is different. If you suffer from acne, your acne is not going to clear up after one facial. A facial will exfoliate and release some impurities, leading to already clogged pores coming to the surface faster. If you do not have acne problems, chances are pretty slim that you will break out. Communication with my first time clients during the facial is very important to make sure the products are reacting well with their skin and feeling the way they should be feeling.  

  • Can I wear make-up after my facial? You can if you want to. Most of my clients don't want to touch their face afterwards, but if you have places to go and people to see, of course you can!

  • What do I wear during a spray tan? Whatever you are comfortable wearing. Make sure it is smaller than what ever you will be wearing for the event you are getting sprayed for. I have made the mistake of getting sprayed in bigger undies than my swimsuit...its not a cute look! 

  • Why don't you work the weekends? Since my studio is on my property, I do not work when my husband is home. He lives for working in our yard and doing very loud things like using the lawn tractor and chainsaws. All activities not conducive with spa activities.