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Why Get a Facial?

In a digital, fast paced world, most of us are busy cultivating superficial connections online. Human touch is a powerful connection and has been shown to reduce stress, strengthen the immune system and lower blood pressure. When clients have routine facial treatments, their skin and their well-being will benefit greatly.  
Listed here are just a few benefits of a facial:

  • Increased cell turnover, which leads to softer, smoother, younger-looking skin                                     

  • Increased collagen production, leading to supple, firmer skin   

  • Increased blood flow, which improves collagen production;

  • Delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells through facial massage;

  • Regulation of oil production;

  • Raised skin cell metabolism by detoxing the skin cells;

  • Reconstructed skin barrier; and

  • Reduced skin reactivity and sensitivity.                                   

*Article by Lisa Stewart, Skin Inc Magazine September 2017

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